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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an extra power supply?

As many musicians are using our devices in order to be mobile on stage, most opt to power the transmitter with batteries, and the receiver with the included power supply.

If you are connecting two stationary devices, such as two organs, an organ to remote pipes, or a piano to a PC, you may want to order an additional power supply - please inquire at the time of your order. Alternatively, suitable power supplies are available at local electronics stores such as Radio Shack.

Any time you are connecting to a PC, you also have the option of connecting MIDIjet Pro USB to the PC via USB to power and pass MIDI traffic.

Please use a 6V-9V 500mA or higher switching power supply. Polarity is center positive with a 2.1mm center.

On older, non-USB MIDIjet Pros, either polarity can be used and the supply does not need to be a switching power supply.