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About MIDIjet Pro

MIDIjet Pro is manufactured by MIDIWorks, a division of Artisan Classic Organ Inc.

MiDIjet Pro was originally designed in 2004 for the pipe organ industry. It was supposed to carry MIDI traffic wirelessly between two pipe organ consoles or to allow a builder to tune a pipe organ from the pipe chamber using a portable MIDI keyboard.

Luckily for us, however, jazz legend Michael Brecker had been looking for a way to play his MIDI wind controller wirelessly. He re-purposed MIDIjet Pro for use in the world of pro audio.

Following that, Terry Lawless (keyboardist for U2) discovered MIDIjet Pro and used it on U2's Vertigo tour for keyboards and MIDI drum triggers. After being proven as a versitile, reliable piece of touring gear, MIDIjet Pro quickly became the choice of major touring artists worldwide for wireless MIDI systems.

MIDIjet Pro is designed in Canada. It is built in the USA and Canada.

MIDIjet Pro
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