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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Connect Multiple Transmitters to One Receiver?

Yes. You can.

This application is useful for users who need a backup transmitter or who have multiple instruments that need to access the same rack.

Transmitters must not be used for multiple instruments at the same time. Conflicts are likely to result.

1) Take one receiver and two transmitters.
2) Put all of them in bind mode. (all dip switches up)
3) Connect the receiver and one transmitter.
4) That transmitter will confirm that it received the bind code by only blinking one color.
5) Shut off the transmitter only.
6) Connect the second transmitter
7) That transmitter will also confirm that it has received the bind code.
8) Disconnect and shut off receiver and transmitter.
9) Set all units to the same channel.

Test out the transmitters one at a time.