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Mark King - Hinder Guitarist

Midijet has created something I had thought was unachievable: A stable, simple, and flawless Midi over wireless solution.

On an average show, I use about 7-8 guitars with 7 different tunings. My FX rig is all controlled via Midi.This setup can really make flying internationally difficult, So we have developed a new rig that condenses my 7-8 guitars down into 2 guitars using a real-time pitch correction DSP card that senses my current tuning and can then modify it to any tuning, thus eliminating the need to fly with 7-8 guitars. This DSP card is located in my guitars, and I control them using the same Midi foot controller that controls my FX loop. The problem we ran into was, I am always wireless, which allows me to move freely on stage and through the crowd. I can’t do that while being tethered to my Midi foot controller via a Midi cable, So we sort of benched the idea for a while, UNTIL It came to our attention that a wireless Midi technology existed, and not only existed, but works        flawlessly!  

We can now keep a wireless Midi pack on my guitar strap, right next to my wireless audio transmitter, as well as a wireless Midi pack on my pedal board (eliminated a need for a really long cable loom). This all connects back to my amp and FX rack, and I now have the freedom to move about the venue without limitations.

Thank you guys for making such an innovative product that has exceeded my wildest dreams! Your product is a game changer.

~Mark King / Hinder Guitarist