Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use MIDIjet Pro for MTC Syncing?

Yes, that works within limits. 
One of our clients, Michiel Eilbracht (www.baggabownz.com and www.nnl-online.com) uses wireless midi to run Digital Performer (on stage) to provide sync to a video system, running along with our live sequencer for live video footage on our backdrop. They even use MIDI program changes to switch to another video feed with it.
Here are his thoughts:
Just select the proper midiport in your first DAW where the MTC is running to and on your second DAW select the port receiving the MTC. Be sure to use MTC and NOT beatclock, since beatclock doesn't have a positioner...
DON'T USE BATTERIES!!!  Use an adaptor on both the transmitter and receiver!!! [or connect the MIDIjet Pro USBs directly to each computer via USB to for power and MIDI]
Please note that MTC will sync your DAWs, but not steady enough to provide a sample accurate to record on both DAWs (they WILL drift!)
An other option might be to wireless transfer SMPTE...but that might be very expensive (and you might need an additional wordClock signal to run the two DAWS in perfect sync)