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  Hey Darryl,

Back at the studio for a while. :-)
This is how we use midijet at the moment with Bagga Bownz on Armin van Buuren's WorldTour
I don't have pictures of the midijet at the moment, but will shoot some next week when we're on the road again :-)
- objective: To have the video screens react to the guitarsolo in one of the acts.
- equipment: (wireless) guitar system, using sennheiser, Sonuus audio to midi converter, Motu Ultralite MK3 and Line6 modeling running in Digital Performer as plugin, midijet wireless midi
The video director of the Armin show wanted to have a more visual impact when our guitarist (Eller van Buuren, Armin's brother) plays one of his solos. Besides the fact the pyrotechnics are exploding from his guitar while playing...(no joke...) he wanted to have an effect on the screens as well. In this video you will see him play his solo (at 2:11) with the pyro.
What they wanted was the big screens in the back (which have the LED bars on screen in the video) react to what he was playing. The video system can learn midinotes to a clip and have them (the clips) looped, restarted or whatever, whenever a certain note is played.
Here's a video of what's used during the tour: 
So what I did, was building a small system in order to generate midi notes from a guitar solo and being a full (portable) guitar modeling system at the same time...(pffff....), see the pictures. There's is no physical amp involved as main system (there is a Marshall stack for stage sound and looks...), it's all modeled guitar sound.
The signal from the sennheiser wireless system goes directly into the motu and into digital performer where it's modeled using Line 6 plugins. I've routed the clean signal, using Motu's CueMix, through an eq and compressor plugin to the Sonuus audio to midi box as well ( and feed its usb connection back into the guitar system (where it appears as a midi device). The eq and comp are mainly used to clean and control the sound a bit (high pass filter etc) before it goes into the Sonuus.
In DP the midi signal is cleaned again using midi plugins (deleting doubles, midi compression etc...). The midi output of the Motu is then fed into the midijet transmitter and transferred to FOH where the midinotes feed the videosystem.
There is an extra physical midiconnection to FOH for safety (using KISSboxes), but since there is a lot of midishowcode running, we preferred a separate system using the MidiJet. We did a check a the last soundcheck in Moscow and all seems to be working fine. The videoguys are now preparing short clips which can react properly to the midi notes, so hopefully it will  be running at one of the next shows.